Retirement Panning

Beginning to save for retirement now is the first step toward financial freedom later. Let us help you get started. Saving for retirement involves strategic planning. Find out what to look for when saving.

Since the day you started your first “real” job, you’ve probably gotten advice from all kinds of well-meaning people about how to prepare for retirement. With so many different roads to retirement – and so many potential potholes – how do you really know if you’ll have enough to truly enjoy your life after work? Here are a few ways to help ensure you set realistic goals for the way you live in retirement.
January 23, 2018

Retirement Planning for Women: Making Those Years Count

On average, women tend to live a few years longer than men. Scientists and comedians have tried for years to get to the bottom of it, with no luck really. This means a couple of things for women, though – first, you score a point in the battle of the sexes. It also means you need to be more financially […]
January 23, 2018

Protecting Your Financial Life: Consider a Pocket-Knife

Most people think life insurance is there to protect your family if you die before you retire, and that’s true. But with its unique combination of tax and non-tax benefits, life insurance is a versatile financial product that can also help protect other areas of your financial life such as your retirement savings and strengthen the financial security of those […]
January 23, 2018

Staying on Track for Retirement: A Bird’s Eye View

You spent a long time creating an investment plan to increase your likelihood for a successful retirement. Because your money is invested in real world markets, there will naturally be some change and flux over time. Some of your goals will shift as you approach them too, giving you another reason to monitor and adjust your finances as time goes […]
January 23, 2018

Setting Retirement Goals that will Help You in Your Golden Years

To calculate how much money you’ll need in retirement, try this exercise. Visualize yourself in retirement and break out your anticipated expenses into “needs,” “wants” and “wishes.”  Your needs are your foundational floor and should include your day-to-day expenses for food, shelter and health care. Your wants are your discretionary expenses for things like travel, consumer goods and recreation. Your […]